Deep [ways]
creative workshop and retreat
Call for Artists.

Deep[ways] - Creative Retreat
Deepways is a 5-day collective workshop and retreat.
10 - 14 June 2019
Run by Luiza Moraes, it'll be an opportunity to dive into the creative process and explore connections between movement practice and self .
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I would like to invite you to spend 5 days with me in Gyula this summer. We'll be hosted by ways residency and the amazing Jessica Miley (I can vouch for her breakfast and her ever-inspired imagination and support). In the mornings, I'll guide you through movement practice that relates strongly to the creative process as I understand it. We'll move, talk, question, provoke, share, connect, probably disagree at times. We'll certainly deepen.

After communal lunch, you'll shape your time as you want. Depending on where you are, this can be the time to get to work or to decompress, to go for a hike, a bath, or have some cake. We'll take turns cooking dinner. Collective meals and keeping of the space will be an integral part of the experience.

I am especially interested right now in how studying the Feldenkrais method has informed my creative work and in finding ways to share the methodologies I'm developing. In a few words, it basically has to do with a sense of deeply trusting the process. It involves giving myself permission to follow my curiosity and stepping out of the "I have to push myself to improve" mentality.

Deepways is for everyone who would like to spend some time investigating their relationship with their creative process. It can be the time to finally work on that project or a time to simply rest, or both. Amateur and professional artists of any field are welcome. People with a hobby or a creative interest of any kind are welcome. You won't be required to share your work if you are not comfortable to, but you will have opportunities to do so if that suits your process.

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About the location:
ways is a three-bedroom house in Gyula, Eastern Hungary. It is a queer feminist art residency and rest space for artists of all kinds. Accommodation during Deepways is shared. More information on exact arrangements soon.

Food will be shared, primarily vegan and sourced (hopefully) from the garden.

Each artist is asked to pay a fee of 230 euro (early bird registration 170 euro). This fee includes all your time at ways, the workshop, accommodation, three simple, shared meals a day plus tea and coffee.

Artists who like to attend Deepways and find the fee prohibitive are encouraged to contact us.
We welcome you.
Artists who identify as BIPOC, Trans, Roma and non-binary are prioritised for workshop space.

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About the teacher:
Luiza Moraes is a dancer/performer and choreographer. She has had extensive training in modern and contemporary dance, with special focus on somatic practices. Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil, she has worked as a dancer for several companies and choreographed short pieces, being an active member in the local performing arts community. Since 2011 she has lived in Europe, where she obtained a master's degree in contemporary dance and choreography from CNDC/Angers and the University Paris 8. In Budapest, she initiated Still Untitled, a horizontally organized performance research platform, co-founded the performance company AVOEC and the collaborative art event SLANT. She is certified as a student teacher of Awareness Through Movement by the Feldenkais Institut Wien. more info about her work can be found at

Deepways Creative Retreat:
10- 15 June 2019
Participation Cost: 230 Euro
Early Bird Price before April 15th: 170 Euro
Fee includes:
Daily workshop
Shared accommodation
Three meals/day
Time and space for creation/rest

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