welcome to ways
ways is an art residency and rest space for queer feminist artists.

Artists* and collectives from all genres are invited to come and stay
for self-directed residencies and rest.

ways offers a space outside of the city and away from regular routines for artists to delve into work or take a break.

It is a place for relative solitude and comfort to recuperate after a project or to begin a new one.

Artists at ways should be prepared for independant living amongst others.

Artists do not need to propose a project for their time at ways, nor do they need to produce anything during their stay.

* inclusive of activists, producers, writers, actors, makers, thinkers, doers and much more.
The Space
ways is a typical family house in Gyula, Hungary. The house has three large bedrooms each with a double bed and desk. There house has a cosy living room, fully equipped kitchen, and a small shared studio. There is also a covered outdoor space and large garden.
The house is centrally heated and has WiFi.

ways can accommodate up to three individual artists at a time or small groups.

Ways has space in October, November and December 2019
and is open for applications for 2020.

Minimum say 1 week
Maximum stay 4 weeks


130 euro/week/room or 400 euro per month/per room.
Partners and children are welcome when space is available.
If you need time at ways and cannot afford these fees, please get in touch and we can figure it out.

To apply, fill in this form; if you have questions or need more
information, send ways an email.

ways is a place for people who identify within a queer feminist framework or who are curious about, inspired by or work within this framework.

People who identify as trans, BIPOC and Roma are prioritised for residency space.

Supplied by ways:
Private double bedroom with comfortable desk and chair.
Additional shared desk space and other 'wet' working areas.
Access to the house and garden.
Basic cooking supplies and equipment including tea and coffee.
Fresh fruit and vegetables from the garden (when available)
Connections to the Budapest art/academic community (if useful)

Ways is:
A place for queer feminist artists to work in relative peace and solitude.
A restful, comfortable and quiet space.
Considerate of our residents needs. We are flexible and listening.


Gyula is a small Hungarian town with a population of about 30,000, situated close to the border of Romania. It is famous for both the town's historic castle and its healing thermal baths.

Gyula is 3 hours by train from Budapest. Trains run regularly and cost about 20 euro return.

The town has a good atmosphere with lots of traditional restaurants and cake shops. There are supermarkets and bakeries within walking distance of the house.

The cost of living is relatively affordable. A mid-priced meal is between 4-8 euro. A beer in a local bar is between 1 and 3 euro.

Gyula is a pretty quiet place without much 'to do' but residents can check out the thermal spa and swimming pool, take bike rides in the countryside or visit other nearby towns and villages.


ways was started by me, Jess Miley. I'm an artist from Australia who has lived in Hungary for four years. When I'm here we will share the space together. I work as a freelance writer and travel often.

Producing situations that creates ways for people to be together is central to my art practice.

I co-produce an annual interdisciplinary arts festival in Budapest called LoveFest. The festival produces new ways for people to be together centred around notions of love.

Starting ways feels like a way to live my queer feminist politics that prioritises people, community and experimental and non-normative ways of being in the world.

I am aiming to make a space that helps queer feminist artists get their work done or gather strength for their next project. I want to build a community around the space that supports, nurtures and provokes.

ways is currently totally self-funded. Residency fees go towards paying rent, amenities and for funding summer workshops.

If you can donate to ways or know of other funding methods please get in touch.

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