Rebeka Rácz aka Rebu Ceramics
I'm Rebeka Rácz, living and working in Budapest, Hungary. I am a self-taught artist whose medium currently is ceramics.

I discovered the discipline a couple of years ago and since then I love to express myself with it's help. I make a lot of objects, all with a special design. They are all unique, one-of-a-kind, non repeatable objects which represent me, my visions of the ordinary things and the habits we live with. I like to question the evident: what makes a mug be a mug? Why handles are always the same?

I like to experiment with colours, shapes, forms, constellations and harmonies. The result is a lot of playful, colorful and interesting ceramic objects on the border of art and design, decorative objects and artworks. My main inspiration is questioning norms and leaving conventions behind - which I try to do in a humorous and brave way.
Laura Szári

Laura Szári is the choir master of the formidably amateur choir, Varsányi SzIrének. Check them out here.

Laura uses mime and contemporary dance across a range of performance ideations.

Laura was the key choreographer of the dance piece 'Deck: a dance in development' for the 2018 LoveFest in Budapest.


mkm is a Budapest-based producer and sound artist.

They are a co-founder and host of the Slant Performance Series.

mkm performed at the 2018 LoveFestival in Budapest and produced the soundtrack for the festival's accompanying publication.

Listen to them here.I
Lieke Hettinga

Lieke Hettinga is a PhD candidate the Central European University, Hungary and Utrecht University, Netherlands.

Lieke's research responds to the fast-paced changes in the cultural visibility of transgender issues across neoliberal Western-European and North-American contexts in the last two decades. It examines the ways in which artists and activists visualize, represent and/or enact non-normative embodiments, more specifically looking at the intersection of trans and disability visual politics and poetics of the body. By exploring how the visual rhetoric of trans and disability activism is complexly entangled with questions pertaining to rights, recognition and appearance, it investigates artistic and activist practices that allow for a reconsideration of the possible connections, affinities, and dissonances between transgender and disability politics.
Ewa is a queer stick and poke artist from Budapest via Poland. They specialise in hand drawn images of whimsical animals and faraway creatures. Follow them on instagram here.
Roxana Băcian
Roxana Băcian has recently returned to Romania after living in the UK for the past nine years. With a background in service and graphic design, their current practice lies at the intersection of poetry and physical imagination, curious how language can capture the minutiae of universal experience and how movement can activate the physical body in an increasingly sedentary society. Their project Romanian in Romania documents their experience of reintegrating in Romania and collates stories of other Romanians returning to their country. Together with the team at Enrol Yourself, a peer-to-peer learning accelerator, they are designing methods to interweave mind with body within lifelong learning.

Réka Forgách
Réka Forgách is a writer and maker from Budapest via Buffalo, New York.

Réka is coming to ways to deep dive into an experiment with costume and latex.
Terézia Poljaková
Terezia likes to step over the lines between various disciplines, to create new space for displaying art. Her practice includes installation, performance, photography, video but also tattoos (she likes to call them street art).

Focusing mostly on the world inside ones mind, touching themes of psychical and emotional health, sexuality, human interactions and relationship with our environment.

Searching for an uniform language. Combining the aesthetics of haute couture fashion, brothel in Amsterdam and a messy green house.
Derek Sargent
Derek Sargent is an artist currently based in Adelaide Australia. His multi-media practice includes moving image, sculpture forms, installation and photography.

Artist statement:
My work investigates themes of sexual identity, authenticity and popular cultural production. I explore evolvements of queer identity and draw on historical references and materials to critique twenty first century dominant histories as they are bound in normative sexual identities. My interest in questioning why and how notions of authenticity are privileged within different historical and political moments therefore approaches and explores sexual identity beyond sexual practice and rather as a site of rich production and expression within and responding to existing structures of power. I am especially interested in examining situations where inauthenticity can create contradictions within dominant histories and thus amplify queer narrative. I see my work skewing the narrative of sexuality towards one that jars common interpretations. The point at which this cognitive jarring occurs represents what theorist Alexander Doty refers to as a 'queer moment', that is, when the narrative of heteronormativity is thrown off course for a moment, for anyone regardless of sexual identity.

Image: Emulate, digital prints, aluminium, coloured lights, dimensions varied, 2014.
Photo Grant Hancock

Mars Gomes
Mars Gomes is a rebel dyke based in London. She is going to the residency to unwind and find the missing thread for the development of one of her current pieces.

Mars' work is loud, messy and unapologetic. Her trade fluctuates between the classification of artefacts and the objectification of "self" on display in a sort of abject way. Queer and left wing, yet unconcerned with it's contextual politicisations and trends . She reflects her sexuality and political views in a natural non-partisan way.

Mars works with a variety of mediums: sculpture, installation, paper cut-out technique, drawing photography and recently film. She is now working towards an exhibition with a series of melting ice sculptures. And a large scale paper cut-out landscape installation piece.

The ice sculptures are based on major worldwide events such as: Yemen, Syrian wars and the Antarctic melt.

The landscape installation is an allegory to our disappearing world with cut out paper technic, made with hand crafted Japanese paper and film projections . Gyula is set to be included in this installation piece.

image one:
Frozen (Yemen) 2019
Melting ice piece 37 x 10 x 8 cm

More at her website here.
Alison Coppe
Alison Coppe is a poet and singer from Adelaide, South Australia. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from The University of Adelaide. Her work and research focuses on performance, fictocritical strategies, queer feminism, gender and sexuality, and contemporary theories of writing memory and the body. Her work has been published by SodPress, Gargouille, Dubnium, UN Magazine, TEXT and has appeared in Noted Festival, LoveFest 2017 and Feast Festival.
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