Ways House is calling for collectives for Residencies in 2023 and beyond!

All individuals collectives are welcome for an independent, non-hosted time at Ways House. Ways House is a Queer Feminist Residency with a focus on rest and recuperation. The 3-bedroom house can accommodate up to 6 artists in 3x double rooms.

Minimum stay 2-weeks. Maximum stay 2 months.

Residency fees are determined on a sliding scale by the number of artists and length of stay and financial security/home country. Work for fees is also possible. Costs are approximately 130 Euro/person/week. (Maximum total cost 550 euro month/group).

To apply, send an email to

Ways is a place for people who identify within a queer feminist framework or who are curious about, inspired by, or work within this framework.

People who identify as trans, BIPOC, and Roma are prioritized for residency space.

Ways is:
A private 3-bedroom home in Gyula Hungary. Each room has a comfortable desk and chair for work. The house also has a large lounge, kitchen, and big terrace and garden.

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